Hydrofera Blue Ready Antibacterial Foam Wound Dressings

Hydrofera LLCSKU: HBRS45200-NS

Size: 4"x5" 10/Bx

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Hydrofera Blue Ready Antibacterial Foam Wound Dressings 


  • Hydrofera Blue polyurethane foam dressings provide broad spectrum antibacterial protection against micro-organisms commonly found in wounds
  • Combine methylene blue and gentian violet to manage bioburden for shallow wounds with moderate to heavy exudate
  • These Ready dressings feature a water- and bacteria-resistant semi-permeable backing and can absorb and retain bacteria-laden exudate
  • Noncytotoxic and offer natural negative pressure and natural autolytic debridement plus help flatten rolled wound edges
  • Allow up to 7-day wear time while not inhibiting growth factors

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